Sintaike Semiconductor

Sintaike established in April 2018, we are devoted to manufacturing high-end intelligent equipment, mainly engaging in equipment manufacturing and technology R&D in the semiconductor field. With the introduction of advanced technology from Japan and independent research and development, we have built a system with intellectual property rights, and provide innovative technology and product solutions for semiconductor manufacturers.SINTAIKE was certified as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai in December 2022.We are striving for perfection in the pursuit of technological progress

SINTAIKE was certified as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai in December 2022
Wafer support system makes the next generation of ultra-thin wafers possible.
SINTAIKE Fully Automatic Wafer Laminator / SINTAIKE Semi Automatic Wafer Taper


Sintaike Independently developed the Wafer Laminator、Wafer support system,UV Irradiator。

Wafer Laminator Image

Wafer Laminator Semi /Fully Automatic

Wafer Robot Image

Wafer transfer robot JEL All models

WSS Image

WSS Wafer support system

Sintaike Semiconductor

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